Private Policy

Rachelski i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawnicza Sp. k., hereinafter referred to as R&W, reserves the right to introduce changes into the Privacy Policy. Each R&W client or the user of the web pages pertaining to the domain shall be obliged by the current Privacy Policy published on the web page

Any amendments made shall not affect the main principle: Rachelski i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawnicza Sp. k. shall not sell or let in use to third persons any personal or address data of the clients or users of its web pages.

Lack of acceptance of the Privacy Policy shall result in blocking the access to visit the web page, use materials owned by R&W, and mean lack of the possibility to purchase services offered by the web page under the domain

Personal data

Using web pages owned by R&W you can be asked to disclose some of your personal data by fulfilling a form or otherwise. The data you will be asked to disclose mostly includes your name and e-mail address. In case of forms you will be asked to provide your full personal data.

We request only data indispensable for the web page to operate. Non-disclosure thereof shall block the action involved.

The data shall be gathered for undefined time and processed only and exclusively for the purposes of the web page operation and administration. The data shall not be passed to third persons, unless law stipulates otherwise.

The data shall be processed in order to inform on the operation of Rachelski i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawnicza sp. k. The personal data disclosed by persons applying for the job shall be gathered for the process of the recruitment process and thereafter shall be deleted.

Free subscription

Granting consent to receive the Newsletter shall require that R&W use the data of subscriber in order to deliver the Newsletter. Subscription for electronic, free archives and materials owned by R&W web page shall require the disclosure of the name and e-mail address in respective application form. Fulfillment of such gaps is indispensable. The data obtained therefore shall be added to the mailing list.

Disclosed personal data

Personal data disclosed in web pages of R&W while posting comments, responses to articles or on blogs, etc., shall be available to all web page visitors. R&W may not possibly protect you from private individuals or companies using such data to transfer undefined information to you. Such data shall not be governed by the Privacy Policy.

Other forms

Forms hosted by the Server of R&W which concern services, products and magazines not serviced by R&W shall not be governed by this Privacy Policy.


Some areas of web pages of R&W may use cookies, meaning small test files sent to your computer for identification necessary to discontinue or simplify each and every operation.

Cookies are harmless for you and your computer or your data.

The cookies shall not work unless the browser accepts them and refrains from deleting them from your computer.


Privacy policy shall not govern web pages or companies whose contact data is disclosed on web pages and magazines not owned by R&W.

Should you have any questions, do send a message to: